Jennifer Mondfrans

Thematic Painter



In my work, I am interested in how we perceive the nature of the individual and the thematic ways that it can be communicated. Through the tradition of portraiture, I use written letters, binary code, and performative process to create a relationship with historical concepts and contemporary life. Using oil, acrylic, and water-soluble wax pastel, on paper, canvas, and wood, I paint with high-octane color. I like the tension between incongruent colors and juxtaposing complementary colors to create a visual emotional impact.


Jennifer Mondfrans lives in San Francisco.

Jennifer has been represented by 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace in Gold Coast, Australia, and her work has been featured in Scientific American and Pour La Science, the French science magazine. She has shown in several cities in the United States, including San Francisco and New York City, and internationally in Berlin, Germany, and Gold Coast, Australia. Recently she has shown at the Euphrat Museum of Art in Cupertino, CA.